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Our phone number is (770) 952-5247. Gayla can be reached via e-mail at This address. Mark can be reached via phone at (770) 952-5247.


Therapeutic Touch Massage was established in 1995 by Gayla Ove and Mark Stewart and has gained a reputation for pain management and stress relief. Both are graduates of the Atlanta School of Massage and are licensed by the state of Georgia.

Mark was one of the massage therapists for the Atlanta Beat Woman’s Soccer Team for their inaugural 2010 season. He has recently taken and passed a certification class in treating Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue with east-west synergistic massage and  has been instrumental in helping hundreds of clients return to health. His dedication to his clients make him one of the best!

Gayla began her own history with massage therapy because of her son, Justin, who was born prematurely and rushed to a neonatal intensive care unit where he remained for four long months.  She observed over those months the benefits of the human touch in healing.  She says, “As we stroked his little arms and legs we could see by the monitors that were attached to him that his blood pressure would lower and he just seemed to “relax” in that crazy, noisy setting.”  When Justin began kindergarten, she began massage school and she has seen the many benefits of massage therapy “up close and personal”.

Gayla and Mark would be happy to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have about massage therapy in general and to help you decide which type of massage therapy would be “right” for you.  Each client in their office is treated as an individual and your massage is tailored to suit you.

They want your experience with them to be a pleasant one.


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